Tuesday, March 9, 2010


been a while since the last post. Things are picking up a little. I finally had my loss.... but then had a bit of a rough week last week (out to dinner twice, dinner at friends house, and skipped two days of working out) so i went back up.

however, i evened out today around 227. So i'm still feeling good about things. Keeping my routine pretty consistent as well:

Monday: Lift Bicepts/Back
Tuesday: cardio of some sort
Wednesday: Lift Legs
Thursday: more cardio
Friday: Lift Chest/Shoulders/Tris
weekend: any exercise i can fit in, bike, run, swim, or whatever we can fit in.

The next challenge now is going to be learning how to better balance my time between work, exercise and getting quality time with my wifey. I'm taking on some new duties at work that will be adding 8 hours of OT/week at least on top of my current work load so it makes things a lot harder. Its hard to get to bed when you have such long days, but thats gonna be the key I think.

on a fun note, the weather has been giving me glimpses of spring and summer and i'm getting really excited for the biking season. there's lots of races in the NW this year and i'm hoping i'll be able participate in a few. I'm really looking forward to planning out some fun trips with anna to bike and camp too. i wish summer in the NW would last longer!

oh and also, i wish i still had 3 months off a year instead of 2 weeks

off to community group for now!

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